Architectural Concept:
When it comes to building homes, a favourable setting must always be complemented with the best possible architectural design. Being a corner plot, the project faces open north and east sides. Spread across fourteen floors, the two-unit apartment building offers premium facilities and a luxurious lifestyle.
Since type A enjoys unhindered north and east sides, all three bedrooms and living spaces enjoy the outside view. Cross ventilation and light, thus, are abundant throughout the apartment. Type B, on the other hand, along with an open east has access to the south side of the complex. Due to this,...

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Address:  Plot- 39, Road-7, Block-G, Banani, Dhaka
Land Area: 10.28 Katha
Height: 14 Storied (B2+B1+G+Mezzanine Floor+12 Floor)
Building Type: Residential
Number Of Apartments: 24
Number Of Car Parkings: 26
Units Per Floor: 2
Size Of Each Apartment: Type-A: 1945 sft. (Approx.) + 59 sft. (Planter)=2004sft. (Approx.)
Type-B: 1946 sft. (Approx.) + 86 sft. (Planter)=2032sft. (Approx.)