About Us


Architecture is what makes a city beautiful. With the aim of landscaping the city of future, Credence Housing Limited started its journey in 2016. Each project of Credence aims to become an iconic landmark on the skyline of Dhaka. Adhering to the aim, Credence’s projects carry the hallmark of architectural and technological innovation in a way which places the stakeholders at the heart of every idea and activity. These modern complexes emphasize on the best of standards in innovation, design and construction. Along with that, it is also ensured that the projects stand the test of time and remain palatable even to the viewers of next generations. Every residential complex of Credence is constructed by keeping in view of the climatic features and rising global climate concern to provide adequate light, ventilation and greenery. Thus, Credence caters not only to the lifestyle you have but to the one that you aspire for. Who you are today and reaching for who you want to be tomorrow is a process that is determined largely by one thing- inspiration. Inspiration is what converts ambitions to actions and dreams to reality. This is why it is only an inspired life that can lead to an inspired lifestyle and fulfillment of one’s full potential. Credence Housing Limited promises to redefine conventional ways of living.


Credence Housing Limited is concerned about the functional and aesthetic needs of buyers and investors. Consequently, it aims to satisfy them by providing the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and service. By creating an energetic, constructive and results-driven work environment, it makes certain of the development of long-term client relationships with the company. It essentially realizes that every real estate transaction concerns a large investment of a client which is entrusted to Credence. Therefore, the mission of Credence Housing Limited is to redefine the standard and consistency of service in the real estate industry of Bangladesh through innovative positive changes, trustworthy fulfilment of commitments and assurance of quality in all aspects.


For Credence, quality is not solely an act, it is a habit withal.  Likewise, Credence’s clients get habituated to a better quality of life. With its expansion, it extends its goal to not only maintain quality but also to ensure reliability, punctuality and transparency in its work while delivering innovative solutions to the stakeholders. This can thereafter contribute actively to Bangladesh’s infrastructure development throughout generations. Credence’s vision is to become Bangladesh’s premier and preferred real estate firm and excel in every facet of its operation.