Architectural Concept:
Hasnahena harbours north-facing single unit apartments at Babar Road, Mohammadpur. The major bedrooms and the living and dining spaces have full-view access to the road – increasing visual permeability. Diffused green light also comes into play in major operating spaces. The third bedroom parallely enjoys the south east advantage. The bedrooms are spacious and self-sufficient with the service zone lying at the core of each apartment which does not limit the privacy of the dwellers. Moreover, the balconies not only come with planters but provide an inviting view while keeping noise and dust in check. Adequate space has...

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Address: Plot-45, Block-F (Metropolitan Housing), Babor Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Land Area: 5.86 Katha
Height: 10 Storied (G+9)
Building Type: Residential
Number Of Apartments:       12
Number Of Car Parkings: 12
Units Per Floor: 1-3 Floor (2 Units), 4-9 Floor (Single Unit)
Size Of Each Apartment: Type-A: 1255 sft. (Approx) +24 sft. Planter (Approx)
Type-B: 1250 sft. (Approx) +21 sft. Planter (Approx)
4th Floor : 1941 sft. (Approx) + 11 sft. (Planter) + 619 sft (Open Terrace)
8th Floor : 1941 sft. (Approx) + 49 sft. (Planter) (Approx)
9th Floor : 1941 sft. (Approx) + 25 sft. (Planter) (Approx)