63/1, Green Road, Dhaka - 21 March 2023

Project Handover Ilamir

Credence homed a new address in Green Road with a successful handover of ILAMIR on 21 March 2023. The presence of Ilamir's honourable landowners Justice Mirza Hussain Haider and Advocate Sadia Rowshan Jahan, valued Apartment owners, important stakeholders, Managing Director, senior officials, representatives, and well-wishers of the company turned it into a memorable day. We hope that the establishment will stand the test of time and content the owners for decades to come.
This development features a nine storied residential building with south-facing advantage. This is one of the most intelligently dealt plots with 24 apartments on 8 floors. Location-wise, the best feature of Ilamir is its amenities – hospitals, educational institutes, shopping centers, banks, restaurants and many more. The most satisfactory feature of the project is the individuality of the apartments. Efficiently designed, most sides of the building enjoy open sides which allow proper ventilation and total exploration of total daylight in almost all the rooms. Therefore, the location of the projects offers the best of its kind while keeping one’s individuality functional in all respects.