300ft. Purbachal (Sea Shell Park), Dhaka
15th December, 2022

Annual Picnic-2022

A picnic can be the best option for spending time together with family members. Planning a picnic can fill sparkle in the eyes. For going out a picnic, the foremost selection will be the place. That is why Credence Housing limited has found a beautiful place with some modern facilities at 300 ft. Purbachal area (Sea Shell Park & Resort). Large grounds, swimming pool, open spaces, recreational rides etc. were there to make everyone happy. A secured place, hanging out with colleagues & family members, good foods, proper transportation system, everything was arranged and made available for the members. Different games for both children & adults were arranged at those grounds. To add some cherry on the top, a cultural show was also settled by the Credence picnic planning committee. End of the day it was a pleasant or amusingly carefree experience for everyone.